Computer Dudes roll out #solaroneballoon and #solaronedrone balloon to help fight global warming.


Summer is almost here and some areas of the Earth are already breaking heat records - Computer Dudes offer solutions.

Yesterday on Social Media - LinkedIn - The Computer Dudes, Inc announced several new methods and technology to reduce heat in cities near the equator
or in any "hot zones" where the heat is killing people.

#solaroneballoon - A large, round, flat balloon that can be tethered to provide shade to an area.      Proof of Concept and the First Mylar Prototype Balloon have been ordered and will be in early next week.

#solaronedroneballoon - A drone guided Solar One Balloon.   The Drone can also be used to fly patterns or for "station keeping."

Computer Dudes around the world are working on this and other important issues for people, communities, States and Nations - around the clock.

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